Charming Day Trips around Knysna

Charming Day Trips around Knysna Day Trips around Knysna Day Trips around Knysna
Charming Day Trips around Knysna Day Trips around Knysna Day Trips around Knysna



The fascinating Materolli Museum depicts the Millwood Goldfield Gold Rush of 1876.  Situated nearby is the Old Millwood Mining Village, today a ghost town. 

Visit the poignant site of the graveyard with a storyboard about the histories and tales of some of the people buried there.  See the Bendigo restored mining equipment or even go on a guided tour of the main Bendigo Mine – the shafts are to 30 metres underground! 

Visitors can also learn more about the Knysna Forest, woodcutters, indigenous flora and the elusive forest elephants.  Enjoy freshly baked treats at the tea garden next door.  Steeped in the mystical glow of history, this is a worthwhile outing.


There are many tour operators within Knysna that offer excellent township tours where visitors can meet local characters that will inspire and fascinate you with their memorable stories and legends.  You will learn about South Africa’s history, culture and traditions of the rainbow nations within the township.

Visit local shops, hair salons and restaurants where you will enjoy interacting with locals.  Meet a traditional healer, visit a crèche and soup kitchen coupled with appreciating the best 180-degree panoramic view of Knysna.

Visit Knysna’s Information Centre for more information on all the tours available.


  • The old Cape Road to Kom se Pad – great picnic spots and hiking trails along the way
  • Knysna to Diepwalle – indigenous forests with a good view spot at Spitskop (933m high), visit the restaurant at Diepwalle
  • Stinkhout Draai – Indigenous forest drive
  • Knysna to Harkerville and Kranshoek – indigenous forests, coastal view point, good picnic spots and walks, restaurant in Harkerville
  • Knysna to George on the Seven Passes road – picturesque 75km trip through forests and mountain passes

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Charming Day Trips around Knysna Day Trips around Knysna